Extend fold-up legs.

Set Quikfire on solid level ground in an area clear of overhead or side hazards or flammable material (i.e. overhanging branches, brush, tents, etc.).

Using the hand wheel thread the regulator fitting into an approved propane tank.

Light a match or lighter and place over the first hole in pipe on the hose end.

Turn the valve on the fuel source to open, and then slowly turn the red valve 2 1/8 turn open. The match will ignite a flame from the first hole. Adjust red valve until flame in first hole is 2 inches high.

CAUTION:If match or lighter goes out before Quikfire ignites, turn red valve to off and wait several minutes for propane to clear before lighting another match.

Once first hole is burning continue around the outside edge of Quikfire, lighting the rest of the holes.

CAUTION:Never turn red valve more than 2 1/8 turns before lighting. DO NOT turn gas flow on and light by throwing a match at Quikfire. THIS MAY CAUSE AN EXPLOSION!

Once all holes are lit remove your hand and then turn the red valve up to the desired fire level.

After you have finished enjoying your Quikfire turn the valve on the propane tank off, then turn the red valve to off.

Let cool at least twenty minutes before handling or packing the Quikfire.



If Quikfire is turned over while lit DO NOT TOUCH QUIKFIRE!

Immediately TURN OFF RED VALVE or valve on propane tank.

REMEMBER QUIKFIRE IS HOT! Either wait for unit to cool down or use gloves before turning unit right side up.