Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does Quikfire weigh?
A. Quikfire is very portable and only weighs 5 lbs by itself, and a shipping weight of 6 lbs.

Q. How long will Quikfire burn on a tank of propane?
A. Much of the burning time depends on the size of the flame, but on average Quikfire will burn for 16-18 hrs. on a standard 5 gallon propane tank.

Q. How long is the gas hose on Quikfire?
A. Quikfire features a 6 ft long gas hose attached to a high-pressure safety regulator.

Q. Can you cook on Quikfire?
A. Much like a normal campfire you can cook on Quikfire. Whether its hot dogs or marshmallows on roasting sticks, or in pots and pans using the accessory grill, cooking is easy on Quikfire.

Q. Is Quikfire legal to use during fire restrictions?
A. We always recommend that before using Quikfire, that you check you local laws and regulations before using Quikfire during fire restrictions. With that said, during most phases of fire restrictions in most jurisdictions Quikfire is 100% legal. Being fueled by propane and featuring an on/off valve, Quikfire falls under the same classification as a "Coleman-style" propane cooking stove.

Q. How hot does Quikfire get?
A. Quikfire will produce approximately 150,000 BTU at its highest setting. The temperature range will vary greatly depending on the size of flame. The patented reflector pan reflects the heat up and out where you want it. As a as a result, on a comfortable size flame there is only a 5 degree temperature increase beneath the pan, yet 12" above the pan the temperature reaches up to 1600 degrees. At the hottest point, the pan itself will only reach 450 degrees, and will cool off quickly.

Q. Is Quikfire environmentally friendly?
A. Quikfire is environmentally friendly in a number of ways. First of all, propane is a very clean burning fuel. Quikfire does not release any pollutants into the air, only harmless carbon. Quikfire also does not emit sparks or leaves any dangerous smoldering ashes. This helps to prevent man caused wildfires. In fact Quikfire is truly a product that will not leave a trace of its use on the environment.