HEBER CITY, UTAH. U.S. Forest Service imposed fire restrictions resulting from a half-decade long drought, have prevented campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages from fully enjoying the great outdoors. However, a Wasatch county resident has invented a realistic propane powered campfire that is legal to use during fire restrictions. Appropriately named Quikfire, this portable device can be enjoyed while camping, hiking, boating, or even in the backyard, allowing families to once again enjoy the great outdoors.

Manufactured in beautiful Heber Valley, Quikfire is a light, durable, and affordable device that generates a realistic yellow flame. Constructed of high-quality aluminum and steel, Quikfire is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use in order to provide years of enjoyment. Easy to use, just simply connect the device to a standard 5-gallon propane cylinder and light. Since the flame is totally adjustable, Quikfire will safely provide anywhere from a small cooking flame to a roaring bonfire in seconds. When finished, Quikfire folds up into a small easy to carry package, or can be placed in the optional carrying case for easy clean up.

Inventor John Paul began tinkering with the idea of creating such a device several years back while on a camping trip with his family. After trying several different prototype designs, John's efforts resulted in a woodless campfire that generated an enticing yellow flame rather than the blue flame traditionally associated with gas. John describes the first time he used Quikfire on a camping trip over the 2002 Labor Day weekend in a campground of 60 plus camps, we were the only ones with a campfire. It attracted a lot of attention, including a visit from a local Forest Service representative who inspected the fire and declared it legal.

After all of the attention, John redesigned Quikfire into a marketable product, filed a U.S. Patent, and established Quikfire Inc. One of the users of Quikfire stated, "I will never go back to a wood fire. It was just to quick and easy to use!" Some of the unexpected benefits of Quikfire is the absence of the pungent wood-smoke that gets in your eyes and penetrates your clothing. Also it is a lot safer for use around children considering there are no sparks or messy ash, and at the first sign of danger with the twist of a knob Quikfire can be turned off. Even in the winter, Quikfire is useful for warming up after riding snowmobiles, while ice-fishing, or anywhere else propane stoves are allowed.

Pictures of Quikfire in Action